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Commissioned in June 1867, she served three tours as European Squadron flagship over the next decade. Adapted from: "Flight Surgeon on the Spot: Aboard USS Franklin, 19 March 1945," Navy Medicine 84, no. 4 (July-August 1993): 4-9. I joined the Navy the day after Pearl Harbor. Actually, I had been turned down twice before because I had never been in a ROTC [Reserve Officer Training Corps - located at many colleges to train students for officer commissions] reserve unit. USS Franklin (CV/CVA/CVS-13, AVT-8), nicknamed "Big Ben," was one of 24 Essex-class aircraft carriers built during World War II for the United States Navy, and the fifth US Navy ship to bear the name.

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Racerbil. Hangarfartyg. Yttre Rymden  USS FRANKLIN NX 326 CUSTOM DECALS Star Trek Starships Kids can build their very own posters with their favourite. USS FRANKLIN NX 326 CUSTOM  Episode 182: The Bombing of the USS Franklin. 27 maj 2020 · World War II Chronicles. Lyssna senare Lyssna senare; Markera som spelad; Betygsätt; Ladda  A-7B-2-CV.

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A USS Franklin (becenevén Big Ben) az Egyesült Államok Haditengerészetének egyik Essex osztályú repülőgép-hordozója volt. Ez volt az ötödik hajó, amely a Benjamin Franklinről kapott USS Franklin nevet viselte. A hajó az Amerikai Egyesült Államok tizenharmadik repülőgép-hordozója volt a második világháborúban. 2020-05-26 · USS Franklin D. Roosevelt (CVA-42), USS Independence (CVA-62) and USS America (CVA-66) at the Norfolk Naval Shipyard, Virginia (USA), in 1969.jpg 1,675 × 886; 736 KB Personnel of the USS Franklin.

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Franklin was steaming toward the home islands of Japan with Vice Admiral Marc Mitscher's powerfull Task Force 58. The   Dec 9, 2010 USS Franklin D. Roosevelt (CVB 42) was launched April 29, 1945 by New York Naval Shipyard as Coral Sea (CVB 42); sponsored by Mrs. Tag: USS Franklin · FanSets Reveals June TREK Pins, Hints at STLV Exclusives · More Images of Moebius Models' USS FRANKLIN Kit · Product Roundup: FanSets  The U.S. Navy aircraft carrier USS Franklin (CV-13) approaches New York City ( USA), while en route to the New York Naval Shipyard for repairs, 26 April 1945. Jul 17, 2015 Many of those who survived are no longer with us, but those that were on board the USS Franklin and lived to tell about it, were in Milwaukee  Mar 7, 2015 Albert Cole is nowhere to be found on any published roster of the USS Franklin. He can't explain why, other than the fact that he wasn't aboard  Nov 11, 2015 MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — A Monongalia County man says all he could do was his job when the aircraft carrier he was on, the USS Franklin,  Apr 26, 2020 The fact that they were able to save USS Franklin from such catastrophic damage is a testament to her crew's bravery and ingenuity. For all the  The fourth USS Franklin was a United States Navy screw frigate.

Its armaments, typical of the era, included pulsed phase cannons and spatial torpedoes. Its defenses included polarized hull plating.
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Uss franklin

28'7"; s. 33 k.; cpl. 3,448; a. 12 5"; cl. Essex).

Construction. Built in 1815 under the supervision of Samuel Humphreys The USS Franklin is one of Starfleet's most decorated ships, despite having disappeared over 100 years ago. It was the first-ever Earth ship capable of reaching warp 4. After many successful missions, the Franklin mysteriously vanished after traveling through the Gagarin Radiation Belt.
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U.S. Navy photo. It gets worse. Japanese warplanes harried Task Force 58 relentlessly in the hours leading up to the March 19 attack.

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USS Franklin (CV-13): View on the flight deck, looking forward, while the carrier was in New York Harbor, circa 28 April 1945.She had just returned from the Pacific for repair of battle damage received off Japan on 19 March 1945. Note damage to her flight deck, large U.S. ensign flying from her island, and the Manhattan skyline in the background (80-K-4760). Franklin then underwent temporary repairs through 10 November, and on the 11th, at 1600 she got underway for Pearl Harbor. Arriving at Ford Island, Oahu, on 21 November, Franklin continued on to her primary destination on the west coast, arriving at the Puget Sound Navy Yard, Bremerton, Wash., on the 22nd, where she then entered dry dock on the 28th. Emotions run deep, still today, in the surviving men of the USS Franklin.