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Gravity is the next evolution of software architecture that removes the sharing and streaming limitations in devices. About Fasetto. Learn more about our company. Fasetto News. Check out our latest press releases. Blog.

Fasetto gravity

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The result is  Maybe you're okay being limited by how your devices share or stream locally. Not us, we know phones can do a lot more. Especially if they're using Gravity to  FASETTO.COM. Unlock devices' full sharing potential with Gravity | Technology Solutions for a Connected World | Fasetto. Gravity is the next evolution of device,  parte en dos la vida de Cerebral Fix, entre su faseta crossover hardcore There are thousands of these objects each floating in zero gravity  418, Fasetto.

Fasetto - Programvaruföretag - Scottsdale, Arizona - 106 foton

(APK) for Gravity audio management. 1 Quick start guide-7.1 Gravity Development Kit quantity + Add to cart.

Fasetto LinkedIn

We believe in seamless connectivity between people, their content, and the devices they use regardless of Co-founder and CEO of Fasetto, Coy is a successful serial entrepreneur. Before co-founding Fasetto, Coy invented, developed, manufactured and distributed computer gaming equipment that won shelf space at Wal-Mart, Best Buy and GameStop. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Coy sold business solutions, earning numerous performance awards. Fasetto's Gravity software is a multi-device experience stack that is “like Airdrop, but on super steroids.” Gravity allows users to send messages, photos, videos and files between devices without Gravity is the first step towards building out our Bitcoin financial ecosystem, offering you the everyday products and services you’ve come to know in traditional banking, but built on the most innovative technology of our time - the immutable Bitcoin blockchain.

Gravity, Fasetto’s core technology, when embedded in devices (like TVs and speakers) creates an ad-hoc, local network that enables greatly-improved levels of connectivity, information sharing, and network dependability—all without accessing the internet. Gravity is designed to be implemented natively into device operating systems.
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Fasetto gravity

Known as Gravity, Fasetto’s offering includes: Zodiac, which enhances the capabilities of smartphones to share files and media between devices - without an internet connection; Aquarius, which allows users to stream, record, edit and share videos from multiple devices simultaneously; and Gemini, which creates a fast, simple way to share Founded in 2013, Fasetto also developed Gravity, a software for internet-connected products. “The Phoenix area, due to the rise of the tech sector here, means that there are deeper software Gravity is the next evolution of software architecture that removes the sharing and streaming limitations in devices. The result is Read More The post Unlock devices’ full sharing potential with Gravity appeared first on Fasetto. Fasetto also offers, Gravity Framework, an incredibly open and powerful software platform made for creating experiences that seamlessly work in a connected world. Fasetto is backed by Pooled Investment Fund, along with other undisclosed venture and angel investors.

Filed in May 3 (2018), the GRAVITY-OS covers Computer operating systems 2020-01-04 · Gravity Home Entertainment makes household media-sharing intuitive, immediate and easy.
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Fasetto - Programvaruföretag - Scottsdale, Arizona - 106 foton

| Fasetto creates technology solutions for an increasingly connected world. We believe in Trademark registration by Fasetto, Inc. for the trademark GRAVITY-OS. Coy Christmas and AJ Santiago of Fasetto demonstrate how Gravity can be used to control the activation distance of a Gravity-enabled taser.

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1 Android Packate Kit (APK) for Gravity audio management. 1 Quick start guide-5.1 Gravity Development Kit quantity + Add to cart.